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Supporting African Participation

→ eLearning Africa "Through your Lens" Photo Competition: the finalists!

Here are the winners and the best pictures that will feature in an exhibition
at eLearning Africa 2016.


1st place winner

Jamie Stuart, UK

Enchanted Ugandan children learning about polar bears for the first time through their solar-powered projector.

Find out about the jury's best pictures here.


2nd place winner

Jane Nungari, Kenya

Technology provides young people from remote and disadvantaged areas with access to reading materials and to virtual teachers who guide them through their studies. It creates a sense of inclusiveness by bonding them with more privileged children and helps improve basic skills. Learning IT skills also makes them globally competitive.


3rd place winner

Michelle DeFreese, Tanzania

Tanzania's Kadeghe Fue, completed his M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering in the USA, specialising in agro-informatics and automation engineering. He has developed a tool that enables weather data to be downloaded using any Android smartphone, making it possible to transfer instant rainfall and soil moisture-content data.


Jury's best pictures

Noah Alorwu, Ghana

We are evolving. The smiles on these faces demonstrates the joy working with technology has brought to the world. In the past, getting access to anything but local information was very difficult for millions of people. Today, learning with digital technology has made everything fast and convenient for almost all.


Arnold Habyalimana Joseph, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Participants in a MOOC at the TOEFL Learning Center's MOOC Camp Learning Hub. ICT has become an indispensable tool for knowledge exchange. It facilitates education, communication, doing business, etc.


James Ddungu, Uganda

Children in rural Uganda look on in wonder! The phone enables them to experience what is happening on the other side of the world. Given that knowledge is power, and power driven by information creates motivation, their minds will never be the same!


Janet Chapman – Tanzania

In Tanzania's Zeze village, far from mains electricity, pupils receive instruction with help of a tablet in an eLearning and mapping programme organised by the Tanzania Development Trust.


Health eFoundation, South Africa

Tablet fever! Community workers in South Africa proudly showing their new tablets. With these devices, they are going to educate young people in their communities on SRHR. Due to the tablets' flexibility, young people in the most remote areas can be reached.


Judith Hermetter, Ghana

One child can, one billion marginalised children can.


Ayisi Bright, Ghana

Sharing information and knowledge has become a fundamental part of life in the current age. These two young men are using their phones in the info-exchange process.

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