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→ eLearning Africa "Through your Lens" Photo Competition: the winners!

Thank you to all of you who took part in the eLearning Africa "Through your Lens" Photo Competition by submitting a photo or voting for your favourite. We received many outstanding submissions from all over Africa and beyond illustrating how communication tools and information technologies can build bridges and foster relationships between people. Following the jury's careful deliberation and the public vote, we are delighted to announce the winners of the eLearning Africa "Though your Lens" Photo Competition!

The winning photos and the best pictures awarded by the jury will feature in an exhibition at eLearning Africa 2015.


Jury vote winner

Wallace Mawire, Zimbabwe
Technosavvy generation

My photo, taken in Harare, depicts how today's younger generation, and even the older generation, are becoming technologically minded and advanced. Like a wave or the winds of change, communities in the developing world are keeping up pace with new technologies like mobile communication.

Find out about the jury's best pictures here.


Public vote 1st place winner

Oshisanya Tokunbo, Nigeria
ICT contributes to the fight against Ebola

In West Africa, the Ebola virus has killed over 7000 and continues to claim lives. Vigilance and cooperation help to keep this deadly virus off our shores. ICT has now also made it possible for people in different locations to support the fight against Ebola. Now, people can easily donate a token to the cause by simply sending an SMS to the required short code. Moreover, ICT has enhanced communication and education about the virus through the web, social media, hash tags, digital banners and videos etc. ICT revolutionised the way in which so many people learned about this deadly virus; how to work together to eradicate it, how to educate people about it and prevent the outbreak from spreading further. I personally have sent my support and I will keep spreading the word, thanks to ICT. #SayNOToEbola #StopEbola #AfricaAgainstEbola.


Public vote 2nd place winner

Noah Alorwu, Ghana
ICT reduces cost

The advancement of technology over the years has made work and other activities, including education, easier and faster. For example, a Kindle-eBook reader can now be loaded with several e-books to be studied, as compared to many books bought and borrowed at high expense. This way, students are able to research a wide range of information at a click.


Public vote 3rd place winner

Ezekiel Agbomey, Ghana
eLearning: the tool for effective education

As we enter this new Information Age, we as educators need to modify our skills and methods of teaching, to help students understand content more easily.

ICT tools such as computers, e-book readers and projectors bring a virtual world into the classroom for students to explore. This enables learning to become real and meaningful, and requires students to engage all of their senses. The Chinese proverb "I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand" emphasises why teachers must enhance their lessons with audio visual data and content with the help of ICT.

I believe when all African teachers revolutionise their traditional methods of teaching, our young and upcoming generation will be fully equipped to compete with their European counterparts.

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