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Conference Structure

eLearning Africa features various types of sessions in order to create the most comprehensive and cohesive agenda possible.


The conference agenda is divided into:

Optional Pre-Conference Events

Pre-Conference Workshops, which will offer participants the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and insight from leading experts in a variety of specialised fields. These can be either half- or full-day workshops. The intention is that these working sessions be practical and develop participants’ skills or knowledge in a particular area. The emphasis is on activity and interaction, so the number of participants is limited.

Pre-Conference App Devs, short for Application Development, focus on how to develop relevant mobile apps for Africa and will offer participants the opportunity to gain practical skills in the development sphere. These can be either half- or full-day workshops or training sessions. The intention is that these sessions be practical and develop participants' skills.

Pre-Conference Seminars, which are typically knowledge sharing sessions focused on a specific topic. They provide in-depth insight into a particular project or set of projects, an initiative or development in the field of eLearning or an emerging issue being faced by the eLearning community. The emphasis is on knowledge dissemination; the number of participants can vary from 20 to 150 depending on the topic.

Pre-Conference Meetings, which are targeted at a specific set of participants. They are essentially private and are not announced on the conference website or brochures. Meetings can be arranged for groups of 10 to 150 participants.

The main conference will feature various session types:

Plenary Sessions
Held during the conference, the plenary sessions feature internationally acknowledged eLearning experts.

Presentation Sessions
These sessions are organised around the main conference themes. Each session is made up of various presentations, usually between 15 and 30 minutes in length, where leading practitioners present their experiences and findings. Some of these sessions feature case studies from different organisations and enterprises.

Discussion or Debate Sessions
These take place at different times throughout the conference agenda and offer participants the opportunity to take part in debates and discussions on various key issues. Intended to be lively and thought provoking, these sessions encourage a full and open discussion on many of the topics that are crucial to the development of our society.

Special Focus Sessions
Certain topics lend themselves well to Special Focus Sessions, which include a mix of presentations and panel discussions. They feature a single topic, for example accreditation, standardisation, quality control or return-on-investment, allowing participants the opportunity to take part in a highly specialised discussion on a specific topic.

Blogfests invite Bloggers from Africa and elsewhere to arrange meetings of bloggers, blogging sessions or blog training on learning innovation, tradition and change in Africa. Blogfests give participants the opportunity to take part in a highly specialised discussions about blogging.

This is an event in which computer programmers and others in the field of software development collaborate intensively on software projects. This Hackathon is focused on pitching, programming and presenting new learning apps over 1, 2 or 3 days during the conference.

Talking Heads Session
The objective of the Talking Heads Sessions is to allow conference participants to see market-ready and almost market-ready eLearning tools and applications in action. These can include tools that have been developed for a specific application where the developers are looking for partners and others interested in further utilisation, beta versions of applications arising from collaborative projects, innovative examples of market ready tools and applications in real environments, etc.

Oxungi (Knowledge Exchange Session)
Knowledge Exchange Sessions are informal shared-interest discussions are sixty-minute sessions where the emphasis is on the exchange of knowledge and networking. They are intended to be informal and informative sessions where participants introduce themselves before moving on to discuss the topic on the agenda. It is an opportunity to share knowledge and ideas about specific projects, to meet others who share your interests, to share new ideas or future visions, to pose questions aimed at stimulating discussion or to find help with a specific problem. These sessions will be held in relatively small conference spaces and access will be limited in order to encourage discussion. Participants can sign up for Knowledge Exchange Sessions of their choice using the sign-up sheets in the registration area.

Networking Sessions
In order to facilitate additional networking opportunities at eLearning Africa, we are making space available during the conference for participants to set up Networking Sessions of their own on a specific topic. These sessions are usually highly interactive, informal and informative sessions addressing some of the key interests and issues of concern to eLearning Africa 2013 participants.


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“Fantastic. Involving. Interactive.”

Irene Maweu

“Inspiring & super interesting!! I learned a lot.”

Christiane Kabisch, Germany

“This conference has been a spectacular success for us.”

Chrys Thorsen, Zambia

“The Conference was fantastic and rewarding. I look forward to the next edition.”

Lewis Julue, Liberia

“It has been a new and encouraging event for us. We made good connections and have also understood the potential of Africa.”

Mehar Aggarwal, USA