Dayn Amade is the Creator of Tablet Comunitario also knows as the Community Tablet, a digital and interactive Mobile Infrastructure. He is also a CEO and Founder of Kamaleon and Fundação Tablet Comunitário. This unit was built in Mozambique by a Mozambican team to eradicate the digital literacy gap within communities by deploying its initiative in Educative Digital Programs reaching various sectors promoting capacity building in poor communities. The commitment is to leave no one behind, reaching also people with auditory processing disorder and visual impairment disabilities.

This methodology fills the lack of infrastructure and electricity in under developed countries, thanks to its mobility and solar energy.

Success stories and agreements within Governmental sector and non-Governmental sector was concluded from the past 5 years. Africa transformation has begun with the use of this technology. Our goal is to reach all third world countries still not living in a Digital Era.