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eLearning Africa features various types of sessions in order to create the most comprehensive and cohesive agenda possible.

Pre-Conference Events

Half- and full-day events (workshops, seminars and meetings) are designed to involve you with hands-on activities to build (new) skills, collaborate and network. Pre-Conference Events will take place on Wednesday, September 27th and require separate registration.

Plenary Sessions

Four plenary sessions, including the inspiring Opening and the eLearning Africa Debate, will bring together expert speakers from around the world to share their perspectives on pertinent issues facing technology supported learning and training, through insightful keynote speeches and lively discussions.

Panel Talks

Different presentations, case-studies, best practices and research in a focused discussion around a particular topic followed by audience Q&A.

Core Dialogues

1–2 speakers lead an open and informal conversation with participants around a particular topic. Be ready to share your insights.

Knowledge Exchange Sessions

One facilitator, an expert on the theme, will set the scene and invite you to bring your ideas to the table. Ideal for collaboration and to expand your perspective on a variety of issues in an intimate setting.

Networking Meetups

A topic-focused networking session that encourage communities to connect with others who share similar passions or interests during the conference.

Knowledge Factory

Interactive hands-on sessions that engage participants with peer-learning activities offering experiences and training in the use of diverse methods, tools and applications. 

Discovery Demos

Developers and creators of next-rev tools and start-ups, pre-release products and solutions will follow the "show and tell" principle, giving you the chance to interact on an informal basis with the innovative examples of technology-supported learning in action.

Poster Presentations

With the "show and tell" principle, poster presentations will give you the chance to interact with those presenting the latest research, best practices in Higher Education, contributions of academics and innovators, while you grow your network.

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