M4: Virtual Reality (VR) Skills Channel



William Yeka, Enabel, Uganda
Niels De Block, Enabel, Uganda


This workshop will introduce participants to a cost friendly and reliable, digital tool for effective learning in skills development. The main presentation is based on an innovation developed by Enabel, which is being piloted in Uganda.

The first part of the session will provide an explanation of the innovation. This will be followed by a demonstration of how the VR technology is used in difficult contexts, such as refugee settlements and inaccessible parts of Uganda. The workshop will equip participants with hands-on skills, which will enable them to try out the technology with ease.

Participants will learn how to equip trainees with skills and competencies that match the demands of the labour market, even in challenging socio - economic contexts. They will be able to produce digital content which will expose their trainees to the realities of the workplace. Participants will also learn how they can make learning fun and effective.


09:30 – 12:30 The theoretical aspect of the presentation is estimated to last approx. 1.5 hours and the practical aspect including viewing of selected clips will take approx. 1 hour.


Trainers, instructors, teachers , lecturers, educationists , researchers.


Workplace learning, education research.




Participants from diverse professional backgrounds are welcome to the workshop.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants expected outcomes are:

  • Providers of Technical, Vocational education and training will be better placed to equip trainees with skills that match the demands of the labour market even in challenging socio - economic contexts (understand the existing ecosystem). South Sudanese refugees have for example had access to a wide range of skills as a result of watching the 360 degree "how to" clips filmed in first class facilities of notable brands like Toyota.
  • The workshop will enable participants come up with digital content that will expose their trainees to the everyday realities of the workplace. This will help the learners acquire skills and competencies needed to thrive in the work environment.
  • The presentation is also expected to enable participants learn how they can make learning fun and effective. The clips attract youth (awareness), grabs their attention and gives them a playful way out of their daily environment such as refugee settlement by creating an immersive effect that helps viewers feel as if they are physically present at the sites where the action in the video took place.
  • Enabel is also piloting the technology as an awareness creation tool particularly aimed at demystifying the negative portrayal of vocational education in Uganda. Participants will therefore have the opportunity to immensely benefit from this knowledge.


African participants who are not working for international organisations or global corporations may register for €30, all other participants may register for €40. This half day event includes a tea/coffee break and materials.