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The Essential Guide to EdTech, Digital Technology, and Learning and Development in Africa

The eLearning Africa Report 2019 is a leading source of news, information, and analysis about ICT, EdTech, digital technology, learning and development.

As African leaders seek to make a reality of the African Union's vision of a ‘transformed continent’ by 2063, setting their sights on the creation of the largest single market in the world and, as businesses assess the implications of a ‘fourth industrial revolution,’ the eLearning Africa Report looks at the state of education, training, development and technology at this moment of unparalleled change.


With contributions from experts, practitioners, advisers, entrepreneurs and even students and artists, it provides a fascinating insight into how technology assisted learning and training are leading change and development throughout Africa. Ranging across the education and training spectrum, it provides an insight into how a host of developments, from improved connectivity, blockchain, and open education resources to distributed learning, gamification and greater gender equality are likely to affect learning outcomes in Africa.

Available free to download, the eLearning Africa Report 2019 combines news, features, interviews and profiles of leading figures with controversial opinion columns, a survey of 900 education and technology experts, detailed country reports and the first ever directory of African EdTech companies. Highlights include:

  • The ‘Father of the African Internet,’ Nii Quaynor, on improving access, digital literacy and online courses
  • Smart Africa’s Diane Malikane on gender equality and ‘Education for All’
  • International comparative education expert, Ndri Thérèse Assié Lumumba, on the challenges for African education technology
  • Max Bankole Jarrett on key decisions for African leaders and the African Union
  • Ibrahima Guimba-Saidou on learning design and transforming Niger into an African digital state
  • Jimmy Kainja on Africa’s Fake News and disinformation
  • Photographer Alun Be on seeing the digital age and artist Monou Desiré Koffi on finding beauty in e-waste
  • Nigerian Bishop Abiodun Olusegun Ogunyemi on using education to bring communities together
  • Rob Vember talks to futurist Dr Njeri Mwagiru
  • Sudanese High school student Mahid Abdulkarim on how to keep studying in a revolution
  • Special feautres on plans for an African free trade area, ICT for agriculture, the 4 As, entrepreneurship, lifelong learning and eLearning for wildlife training
  • 55 individual country profiles
  • The African EdTech Directory
  • Guide to finding funding
  • Results of our survey of education and ICT professionals working throughout Africa

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