Ahmed M. El-Sobky

Mr. El-Sobky is currently withholding the role as Vice President for ICT Markets Development at the Information Technology Industry Development Agency "ITIDA", which is the implementing arm of Egyptian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. In his capacity, El-Sobky entails the responsibility of managing all ICT related sectors with respect to markets development in said perspective. In addition to his vast experience of over 30 years in fields related to Information Technology, El-Sobky simultaneously undertakes the role as the general trustee of the Supreme Council for Cyber Security.


Concurrently El Sobky is Chairman of “Silicon Waha”, a joint stock company responsible for establishment of the nationally dispersed six new Technology Parks in Egypt, in which two of them have been inaugurated as of December 2016.

He worked as the Director of Strategic Projects at the Ministry of Investment and participated in managing a number of e-government projects implemented under the umbrella of the Ministry of State for Administrative Development "MSAD".

On the African level, he participated in the development of e-learning strategy for both Nile Basin and COMESA Countries as an Egyptian expert who participated in implementing the first e-learning master degree in the Middle East in collaboration with "Middlesex" University in UK and in establishing the Egyptian node for the Global Distance Learning Network of the World Bank (GDLN).

On the regional level, and as a member of the Arab Workforce Group preparing the WSIS 1st. phase he participated in formulating the document "Towards a Pan Arab Information Society - A Joint Action Plan". In addition, he participated in the drafting committee of the "High Level Arab Conference" to prepare for the first phase of the WSIS which was held in Cairo in June 2003. Also, he participated in reviewing a regional document called:  "Towards Activating the Geneva Plan of Action: A Regional Vision to Promote and Develop the Information Society in the Arab Region" which was submitted in the second phase of the WSIS held in Tunis.

In 2014, he led a national workgroup of  multi-stakeholders experts (governmental, private, and NGOs) -under the umbrella of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology- to prepare the national strategic plan of ICT in Egypt. Also, he is a member of a national workgroup of multi-stakeholders experts to develop the eLearning in Egypt.

He also led a national workgroup -under the umbrella of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology- to issue "Egypt ICT Golden Book" which shows the projects undertaken by different Egyptian stakeholders in the field of "Information for Development - ICT4D" as one of Egypt's efforts in the implementation and follow-up of the WSIS two phases, Geneva and Tunis.

He also contributed in implementing the "National Contest of the e-Content" under the umbrella of "Information Technology Industry Development Agency - ITIDA" through his membership of the competition executive committee. In addition, he participated as jury in the second round of the competition in 2007 in the field of "e-learning."

Mr. El-Sobky is an author for a number of papers submitted in international, regional, and local conferences in the areas of e-Learning, e-Content e-Government and the Knowledge Society. In addition, he authored a book in Arabic language called: "A Guide for Information Technology and Systems Security".

He is a member of the "Board of Information Technology and Communication – Internet Security Workgroup", Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt.

He also participated in formulating the initial draft of “Cyber Security Law” through his membership of “Laws Formulation Committee” under the umbrella of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.