Salha Mohammed Abdo

Salha Abdo is a head of Economics department at Open University of Sudan; she has over eight years of experiences in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and Student Support Services (academic and non-academic). She graduated with Master’s degree in Economics from University of Khartoum in 2009. Salha is a PhD researcher in the of field computational science. She has followed gradated courses in economics and scientific research also she is active both national and international level, In Sudan her main activates include the researches in Open and Distance Learning, design and development e-learning courses, e-exams and. She built skills in using Learning Management System, Student Support System, etc and focused her efforts on raising awareness of ODL issues.

In 2017 she was appointed to attend the International Visiting Scholar Program in the Shanghai Open University-ChinaIn.

2018 Salha is particularly involved In International Collaborative Journal of Open, Distance e-Learning as reviewer and auditor (