Mahid Abdulkarim

Mahid Abdulkarim was born in Khartoum, Sudan, in 2004.

He studied at the American cooperative school in Tunis before moving back to Sudan to study at the Khartoum International Community School for 3 years. He is now a pupil at Unity High School (Sudan).

He has attended the previous two eLearning Africa conferences, one in which he accompanied his father, as “he thought it would be a learning experience for [him]” and the second in which he was a speaker.

He wants to study engineering and business and become a successful entrepreneur in the future. He also wants to use the resources he earns from his success to open more schools and add eLearning systems to schools in Sudan. He is currently a member of the Sudanese Organisation for Innovative Education Systems (SOIES) and a proud participant in his school’s Model United Nations.

Although he is only fifteen years old, Mahid is a confident and experienced public speaker, whose views on skills, innovation and the challenges facing young people in Africa are sure to motivate conference participants and provoke a lively discussion.