→eLearning Africa Edtech & Cybersecurity Virtual Exchange

Date: Oct 26 – 28, 2021

The eLearning Africa Virtual Exchanges are a new opportunity to inform, be informed, network and make connections!

eLearning Africa's Edtech & Cybersecurity Virtual Exchange links global cyber and data security, EdTech and digital learning solution providers with decision makers in Africa's education and training sectors and provides an exclusive online platform where people, ideas, practices and technologies come together conveniently in one place without the need to travel.

The speed of digital transformation has accelerated throughout Africa. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented disruption for education and training institutions, forcing them to take bold steps in digital education, integrating online learning and EdTech solutions into their education and training delivery.

The eLearning Africa EdTech & Cybersecurity Virtual Exchange presents the services, systems, technologies, methods and tools available to enhance online learning. Not only will the event allow stakeholders in education and training across Africa to learn about the latest solutions and tools available to enable them to overcome new challenges, enhance their learning delivery and increase engagement with learners,  it will also present them with the different cybersecurity solutions that will protect them, their organisation, their learners and students, and their data. It will allow practitioners and policy makers to gain valuable insights, discuss developments with providers and users, and share their priorities and plans.

This Virtual Exchange puts people, ideas, practices and technologies together in a multi-faceted online forum. The Exchange will offer webinars and workshops, covering a range of topics and broadening our participants' understanding of online learning solutions and trends.

It allow Edtech and Cybersecurity experts  to meet with decision makers across African education and training institutions and forge lasting relationships. In a region and a sector where personal relationships are so crucial, connections made at our exchanges prove their value time and time again.

The eLearning Africa Virtual Exchanges offers  an opportunity to engage with decision makers in the different education and training segments, as well as in connected industries throughout Africa.

Our community of decision makers across Africa consists of:

  • Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Government Officials, Policy Makers
  • Senior Staff from Government Departments and International Development Cooperation
  • Leaders of Professional Associations, Expertise Centres, Trade Unions, Chambers of Commerce, Local and Regional Authorities, NGOs and Continuing Education Centres
  • University Presidents, Rectors, Vice-Rectors, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Provosts, Vice-Provosts
  • Deans, Chief Academic Officers, Directors and Researchers from Universities and other Institutes of Higher Education
  • Chief Information Officers, Deputy CIOs, Chief Data Officers, University IT Directors & Managers, IT Support, Programmers
  • Teachers and Educators in Primary and Secondary Education
  • Early Childhood Learning Specialists
  • School Principals and Administrators, Teachers and Trainers
  • Vocational Training Leaders
  • Chief Executive Officers, Chief Technology Officers across a range of industries
  • Human Resources Executives and Managers, Learning & Development Leaders, Chief Learning Officers and Talent Managers, Training Development Specialists and Consultants
  • Performance and Competence Management Specialists
  • ICT Program Directors/Managers and Service Providers
  • Curriculum Designers
  • Academic Technology Specialists, Instructional Technologists, Instructional Designers
  • Corporate Training and Development Executives
  • Business Trainers
  • Programme Managers and Education Administrators
  • Capacity Building and Performance Managers
  • Heads of Digital Development and Leadership Development and Training and Qualification
  • Enterprise IT Professionals, IT Security Professionals, Privacy Officers, IT Managers
  • Information System Officers, System Integration Specialists and End-User Support Managers
  • Multi-Media and Software Developers and Designers
  • Technology Service Providers
  • Publishers, Analysts and Content Providers
  • eLearning Specialists
  • M-Learning Specialists
  • Education & eLearning Solution Providers
  • African EdTech Solution Providers
  • Digital Solutions Managers
  • Experts in Digital Learning & Innovation
  • Library Professionals

Join our platform and network with our community of African stakeholders in education and training in all sectors.

Enjoy eLearning Africa's leading virtual meeting and engagement platform, which seamlessly combines live sessions and workshops, community discussions, live 1-to-1 video meetings, text chat, informal networking spaces, virtual meet-ups, and on-demand webinars.

If you would like to take part, please register here.

If you would like to receive more information on how to become a partner, please send an email to

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